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Research Statement

An increasing number of security problems arise from the fact that the sheer amount of data is too large to be managed or understood by a human administrator. Examples are enterprise-scale security configurations, networks of firewall routers, peer-to-peer networks, and corpora of third-party applications for mobile devices. We aim at providing methods to automatically extract meaningful, security-relevant information and to automatically configure large systems or write code such that predefined requirements are fulfilled. In addition, the large amount of publicly available data and records from an ever increasing number of sensors provide novel attack surfaces against the integrity of systems and against the privacy of system users. We identify novel attacks and propose countermeasures. The challenges in our exiting field of research stem from various sources. First, the variability of problems requires a large methodological flexibility. Second, in many applications there is a tension between deterministic security requirements and probabilistic approaches, requiring theoretical guarantees that are often hard to derive. Finally, the scalability requirement for analyzing big data disqualifies many of-the-shelf solutions and demands fast approaches that are tailored to the particular problems.


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In ACM Workshop on Social Network Mining and Analysis (SNA-KDD), co-located with KDD, 2012.
PDF Dataset
"On the Feasibility of Side-Channel Attacks with Brain-Computer Interfaces."
Ivan Martinovic, Doug Davies, Mario Frank, Daniele Perito, Tomas Ros and Dawn Song. In Proceedings of 21st Usenix Security Symposium (Usenix Security), 2012.
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Dawn Song (Faculty)
Mario Frank (Postdoc)
Prateek Mittal (Postdoc)
Daniele Perito(Postdoc)
Neil Gong (Ph.D. Student)